Client: AM
Industry: Real Estate
Users: AM, Real Estate agents, stakeholders, investors, potential buyers/tenants


Bajeskwartier is the place where technology, culture and sustainability come together in an innovative neighborhood that breathes history. Building on the history of the past and combining it with today’s knowledge ensures a fruitful and natural cross-pollination between innovation, history and originality.

Situated alongside the Amstel river and within walking distance of the lively Amsterdam city centre, Bajeskwartier offers plenty of space for living, working and recreation in all shapes and sizes. Bajeskwarier harbours a diverse range of social housing homes and owner-occupied homes, several gardens, the Spinoza Lyceum, an organic market, a childcare centre, a health centre and countless creative hotspots with space for art, design, food and sustainable initiatives.


Make an interactive 3D model of Bajeskwartier that brings the new developments to life through 3D visualization. Imagine yourself as a potential resident in Bajeskwartier and get a feel of all the unique ingredients that shape a healthy urban living environment. Crozzroads was also asked to include the garden design by LOLA Landscape Architects.

  • An interactive 3D maquette of the building that is easy to use for development managers, Real Estate agents and potential buyers/tenants. The tool provides them with all the necessary sales information
  • The tool is available as a standalone and web version
  • Design and modelling of the different floors of the building
  • Mapping the surroundings, including walking routes
  • A tour through Bajeskwartier
  • A wide array of interesting visualizations. These include 360-degree images, artist impressions, animated videos and augmented reality