Leverage technology to impact business

With the increase of computing power, internet broadband and the ever growing popularity of mobile connectivity, previously considered futuristic or disruptive technologies have settled in our modern day society. Furthermore, the arrival of 5G networks –promising faster speed and more reliable connection –will definitively unlock the full potential of Extended technologies (XR).

XR is an umbrella term that encompasses the technologies behind the various forms of computer altered reality: Augmented Reality –AR, Virtual Reality –VR and Mixed Reality –MR

As a tech driven company, Crozzroads is aware of the evolving nature of technology. Our company continuously monitors major technological developments in order to capitalize on new innovation and to stay ahead of the curve. Today, as technology is intertwined in all aspects of business and life, it is clear that to maintain a leading position, organizations must keep emerging tech as part of their growth strategy.

AR - Key features & benefits

Augmented reality provides a real time enhanced version of reality created by blending the physical world with digitally-created content – sounds, 2D / 3D visuals, videos, etc. The digital information overlay is displayed via a hardware device – smartphone, tablet or head mounted display.

VR – Key features & benefits

Virtual reality replaces the real world with a simulated digital 3D version and allows the user to immerse in a digitally created artificial world and interact with it – being a reproduction of the real-world environment or a totally imaginary universe. The experience is visual, auditory and spatial.

MR – Key features & benefits

Mixed reality is again a blend of the physical and digital worlds. What characterizes a mixed reality experience is a seamlessly fusion of the user’s real-world environment with digitally-created content, where both environments can coexist and interact with each other.