Crozzroads offers technology solutions for various practice areas

Whether it’s to increase market exposure or enhance business processes, our products have the capacity to generate high impact and drive business growth. Our tech solutions currently comprises of; interactive presentation tools, elaborated holograms and experiential storytelling, 3D Modelling, XReality, Extended Intelligence and custom-made hardware designed for high-end applications.

Interactive Real Time 3D Applications

Crozzroads conceives and develops customized smart 3D applications aimed at making complex project developments or processes easily understandable.

With accurate 3D reconstruction and scene-understanding, we built real-world digital spaces. Our applications make it possible to represent realistic situations, experiment with them and measure their efficiency.

Key features & benefits
  • 3D modeling including BIM data optimization
  • Materialization and real-time animations
  • Interactive Scale Model with 360 degrees rotation
  • Running on the web or as standalone
Immersive Extended Reality

With the increase of computing power, internet broadband and the ever growing popularity of mobile connectivity, previously considered futuristic or disruptive technologies have settled in our modern day society. Furthermore, the arrival of 5G networks –promising faster speed and more reliable connection –will definitively unlock the full potential of Extended technologies (XR).

As a tech driven company, Crozzroads is aware of the evolving nature of technology. Our company continuously monitors major technological developments in order to capitalize on new innovation and to stay ahead of the curve

Key features & benefits
  • AR (Augmented Reality)

  • VR (Virtual Reality)

  • MR (Mixed Reality)

Sally Tool

The level of interactivity brought in with the internet age has for ever changed audiences’ expectations when it comes to presentations. Video feed, high end imagery, branding elements, animated graphs, data visualization, the flexibility to browse online to highlight your topic and go back to your storyline -making an outstanding presentation shouldn’t be challenging, time consuming, or frustrating. We believe it’s all about having great software.

Sally is a dynamic web-based application that provides companies with a flexible interactive tool to give a presentation with dynamic content, following a personalized, non-linear storytelling structure, in a circular flow

Key features & benefits
  • Cloud based

  • SaaS
  • Dynamic multi-touch presentation tool

  • Dedicated touch screen devices

  • Enhanced user experience

  • Customizable professional presentations