Client: G&S Vastgoed
Industry: Real Estate
Users: G&S Vastgoed, Real Estate agents, stakeholders, investors, potential tenants


The building at 59 Princess Irenestraat is one of the oldest buildings in the Zuidas. In recent decades, the building has been a silent witness to the steady transformation of the Zuidas into the financial heart of Amsterdam. Now the building is ready for a major renovation of its own. Architectural firm V8 Architects and G&S Vastgoed have co-created a new design that completes the transformation of this majestic building.

59 Princess Irenestraat combines minimalist elegance with detailed craftsmanship. The combination of large windows and terrazzo (a material consisting of marble granules and cement) in a green environment provides a natural connection with the outdoors. With a total floor area of approximately 17,500 m2, the office building at 59 Prinses Irenestraat is one of the last buildings on the Zuidas that has excellent renovation potential.


G&S wanted to show and explain in a way that was compelling and alluring to their stakeholders, the potential of the building at 59 Prinses Irenestraat including the ‘Felix garden design’.

To facilitate a visual appealing presentation, Crozzroads developed the following features and functionalities in an extensive interactive 3D application.

  • An interactive 3D maquette of the building that is easy to use and understand for development managers, real estate agents and potential buyers/tenants
  • The tool provides them with all the necessary sales information
  • The tool is available as a standalone solution
  • Integrating floorplans in extendable floors
  • Detailed visualizations, such as an interactive garden design, a detailed map of the surroundings and a 360-degree viewer