Taking your presentation to another level

The level of interactivity brought by the internet age has forever changed audiences’ expectations when it comes to listening to a presentation or sales pitch. To address this, presenters need to increase their information transfer, by delivering their message fast and effectively, as well as being able to engage, improvise and persuade their audience. They need to make use of dynamic storytelling, with videos, high-quality visuals, branded elements and data visualizations. Most importantly, they need a comprehensive tool that caters to their needs.

Sally is developed based on the specific demands of our clients in need of professional functionalities, which are not offered by traditional presentation software. Sally as a SaaS presentation tool is focused on enabling its user to have a conversational, non-linear way of presenting. The tool is entirely dynamic and interactive, quick to manipulate 3D objects, charts and maps in real time, while seamlessly integrating other sources such as pdfs, videos and other data.

For maximum impact, Sally is geared towards all types of touch-screen devices. Sally as a platform independent open-source SaaS, paves the way for a new approach to presenting and storytelling.

Key features & benefits
  • Cloud based

  • Independent open-source SaaS

  • Dynamic multi-touch presentation tool

  • Dedicated touch screen devices

  • Enhanced user experience through circular presentation

  • Customizable professional presentation