Taking your presentation to another level

The level of interactivity brought by the internet age has for ever changed audiences’ expectations when it comes to presentations. Video feed, high end imagery, branding elements, animated graphs, data visualization, the flexibility to browse online to highlight your topic and go back to your storyline -making an outstanding presentation shouldn’t be challenging, time consuming, or frustrating. We believe it’s all about having great software. Your presentation is far more likely to have an impact on your audience when the software provides you the tools to arrange all of your content, freely and accordingly. With this in mind, Crozzroads developed an entirely dynamic presentation tool –Sally. Sally is a new technological approach to presentation software and a one of a kind in the next generation of storytelling tools. It is designed to create engaging presentations, capture an audience’s attention and make sure they fully understand the delivered information.

Sally is a dynamic web-based application that provides companies with a flexible interactive tool to give a presentation with dynamic content, following a personalised, non-linear storytelling structure, in a circular flow.To deliver the maximum impact, Sally is geared towards touch-screen devices and is an interactive multi-touch software capable programme that has the capacity to grab people’s attention and deliver a great user’s experience. With this in mind, Crozzroads has developed a dedicated hardware touch screen line of products to match our application and provide companies with unparalleled cutting edge presentation technology.

Frame your story and build in WOW moments

Sally’s back-end interface combines a built-in intuitive design with templates, storyboarding tools and smart options to help create the presentation storyline. Create slides that are visually engaging and easily customizable by adding extra media –e.g. brand elements, videos, images, maps, links to webpages or other applications. Sally makes it possible to connect with your audience right away: the front-end is visually stunning, fully animated and can be customized with each company brand identity. The actual presentation datasets are visually organized as coherent series of main points presented in a logical sequence –organized in levels of circles allowing the freedom to go back and forth and introduce your story in any order would the presentation conditions or audience inspire you otherwise. Thanks to the built-in options, you can directly go online –e.g. locate an area on Google maps –to make a point and switch back to your presentation without ever leaving the tool and potentially lose concentration.

First impressions are everything. Sally is the next generation presentation software with all storytelling tools at your fingertips, allowing you to create sleek, dynamic presentations and to deliver your message clearly and effectively. Meet Sally and have a lasting, spectacular impact on your audiences.

Key features & benefits
  • Cloud based
  • SaaS
  • Dynamic multi-touch presentation tool
  • Dedicated touch screen devices
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Customizable professional presentations
  • Circular presentation
  • Linking of important data
  • Sending presentations
  • PDF export
  • Presentations in accordance to brand identity

The only presentation tool you’ll ever need to tell and present your stories. Add templates, video, links and interactivity. Go directly online or go to google maps without ever leaving the tool.