The Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub is a one-of-a-kind concept in the Netherlands. The first multi-storey XXL logistic city hub in the Netherlands is specially designed to shorten the last mile of Amsterdam. The complex is strategically located in the economic heart of the Netherlands. It is the solution for the congestion and lack of space in and around our beautiful capital.

The Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub is located just a stone’s throw away from the A10, the North Sea Canal and the bustling center of Amsterdam.

The logistics complex has everything that ambitious and fast-growing companies are looking for, such as the space and facilities (220,000 square meters of comprehensive solutions) to operate and grow efficiently. The center als harbors a high-quality head office. Due to its circular design, which focuses on emission-free logistics, the Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub is designed with the well-being of the environment and future generations in mind.


Make the concept of the Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub transparent and explainable to internal stakeholders and potential tenants.


  • An interactive 3D presentation of the logistics center. The tool allows you to take a closer look at the functionalities of the different floors of the building. What kind of services and facilities are located in the building? How do the logistics work?
  • The tool is available as a standalone and iOS version
  • The tool generates advanced 3D ground plans and an exploded view of the building
  • It delivers 360 degree images, artist impressions and animated videos
Client Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub
Sector Real Estate, logistics
Users ALC, investors, stakeholders, potential tenants

Uniek in Nederland. De eerste multi-storey XXL Logistic Cityhub van Nederland.

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