IOB is a Dutch company specialising in construction and civil engineering. IOB provides tailor-made solutions in the areas of management & maintenance, fire safety, BIM, construction technology, installation technology, construction technology, building plan review, building cost advice and building physics. For IOB customers, their projects and their ambitions come first, then comes technology. A personal approach that leads to make complex processes clear and high-end technological content accessible.


IOB has commissioned Crozzroads to come up with a tailor-made concept to boost IOB’s exposure, build brand awareness and connect with audiences during the PROVADA 2019 event in Amsterdam. PROVADA is the biggest real estate exhibition in the Netherlands. Over 26,000 real estate professionals attend the event for expertise, the latest trends and innovations and the strong networking opportunities. PROVADA presents visitors with an unrivalled experience on the exhibition floor.


In order to seize the opportunity to present their expertise, IOB asked Crozzroads to think out-of-the box. Considering the fact that presentations with technical content can be somewhat dry and often not really attractive, Crozzroads proposed IOB to use holograms, a technology which illustrates innovation and provides the extra wow factor to captivate audiences.
To achieve the expected result, Crozzroads worked on three levels. At first by adding to the holographic technology a dynamic layer which allowed users to activate the tool by hand movements and made it a stunning experience. Then processing and visualising IOB’s dedicated content for the presentation. The final stage was designing and delivering the fitting hardware for the booth which consisted of a custom-made white cube surmounted by a pyramidal glass capping.

The resulting holographic presentation worked extremely well and provided more traffic to the booth than in previous years. Thanks to the support of the hologram, IOB engineers could tell their story better and had an excellent connection with visitors.

ClientIOB Engineering
SectorEngineering, Construction

Seeing the results in action demonstrates the impact of holograms to captivate audiences.