Wonderwoods has been created with a pioneering mindset, which makes it an unique urban real estate project. Two green towers emerging in the Healthy Urban Quarter of Utrecht – the best-kept secret for business –, a vertical forest, and a vibrant neighbourhood where the emphasis is on green wellbeing: healthy living, working, culture and leisure.


G&S Vastgoed is a renowned Dutch real estate developer, recognised for its eye-catching and state-of-the-art projects ranging from transformational to residential, offices to cultural, or leisure. The Crozzroads team was invited to concept a tool to present a multi-layered, revolutionary urban real estate project to everyone in an innovative way and make a stunning first impression.


Taking inspiration from the game industry, Crozzroads came up with the idea of a smart interactive tool with high quality graphics and animations that would match the iconic architecture and immerse the viewer in the Wonderwoods sceneries. The 3D application has been conceived and programmed to allow both internal and external stakeholders experience a sneak preview of the premises prior building started, and for potential tenants and buyers to enjoy an innovative tour of the complex.

The smart 3D tool is designed to make the versatile Wonderwoods simple and instantly understandable, with a particular focus on user experience: the design allows the floors to be extended to make diverse functions and routing visible; several animations induce a real-life impression – the wind blows through the trees; the sun shines on the roof gardens and changes direction. In addition to enhancing the experience of a sneak preview, the smart 3D application allows availability mapping, provides dedicated information and emphasises the unique cachet and potential of the buildings.

ClientG&S Vastgoed and
KondorWessels Projecten
SectorReal estate

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