Game changing holographic technologies

Unleash the potential of an iconic technology.

What still recently seemed science fiction is about to revolutionise the way we interact, communicate, work and will lead to innovations across multiple industries. Holography is a photographic technique that records the light scattered from an object and presents it in a way that appears three-dimensional. A hologram is nothing else but a 3D projection that freely floats in thin air. Unlike a video displayed on screen, a 3D hologram is visible from all sides, which means the observer can walk around the hologram, enabling an absolutely realistic-looking image to form. You don’t even have to wear special glasses or accessoiries, you’re simply drawn into an ultra-realistic experience where virtuality becomes reality.

Applications with an invaluable competitive edge.

Crozzroads has been exploring the potential of the technology to conceive inventive holographic applications for companies. Our 3D holographic solutions are per definition adjusted to the needs of business, matching the demand within an industry, custom-made for companies and their specific objectives. For each holographic system we deliver the fitting hardware – holography display – optimally adapted for the expected performance. Among others, we have developed an interactive, finger-sensitive holographic system – combined with a motion sensor – which enables the public to intuitively handle holographic content in real time, by finger gestures (swiping and pinching) and turning it into selection, enlargement or reduction of the holographic image. The impact of the finger-sensitive application on audiences is simply phenomenal: it makes digital content more human-compatible and has a stunning, extremely compelling effect.

Both the range and variety of applications are limitless – e.g. company presentations, product launches, experiential marketing campaigns, trade shows and conferences, technical demonstrations or digital signage. The holographic technology is a game changer with the potential to impact many industries. We are only seeing the beginning of the usefulness of holograms.

Key features & benefits

  • Interactive
  • Visible to everyone
  • Free floating
  • Creating brand experience
  • WOW Factor
  • No more VR glasses required
  • New way of sharing experiences
  • 3D