& immersive
3D applications

Unique tools to connect people and spaces.

Crozzroads conceives and develops customised smart 3D applications aimed at making complex project developments or processes easily understandable. Our software development offers a wide range of new solutions in areas such as visualisation, construction forecasting and risk monitoring, building functionalities analysis, real estate rental and sales marketing, internal/external project communication targeted at specific stakeholders and audiences, etc.

With accurate 3D reconstruction and scene-understanding, we built real-world digital spaces. Our applications make it possible to represent realistic situations, experiment them and measure their efficiency. In addition to an integrated interactive layer, we bring an impactful immersive user experience to each project.

case – real estate development.

For the real estate industry, our interactive 3D solution software makes it possible to generate volumetric and image-based environments from a single building level (bringing an architectural concept to life) to a whole area level (offering global insights in a large district – as our Interactive Digital Maquette).

The interactive application can be used at conception stage prior construction to facilitate communication between all stakeholders, residents and the municipality. In a later phase, the tool can be used by brokers to stimulate sales or rentals, displaying availability or offering key space-specific test fits.

Key features & benefits

  • 3D modeling including BIM data optimisation, materialisation and real-time animations
  • Interactive Scale Model with 360 degrees rotation
  • Running on the web or as standalone
  • Real-world conversion to digital,interior/exterior spaces, availability, test-fits
  • 3D walkthrough, floorplans, routing
  • Overview of existing / future development and project USPs
  • Real-time, intuitive and highly accessible
  • Fully customisable applications
  • New perspectives to insight and decision-making
  • Impactful marketing tool with the power to engage audiences