Client: G&S Vastgoed and KondorWessels
Project & Industry: Real Estate
Users: G&S Vastgoed, Real Estate agents, stakeholders, potential tenants and buyers


Wonderwoods has been created with a pioneering mindset, which makes it a unique urban real estate project. Two green towers emerging in the Healthy Urban Quarter of Utrecht –the bestkept secret for business –, a vertical forest, and a vibrant neighborhood where the emphasis is on green wellbeing: healthy living, working, culture and leisure.


The Crozzroads team was invited to concept a tool that presents a multi-layered, revolutionary urban Real Estate project to everyone in an innovative way and make a stunning first impression.

  • Interactive tool with high quality graphics and animations that would match the iconic architecture and immerse the viewer in the Wonderwoods sceneries
  • The tool is available as a standalone and mobile application
  • Interactive vertical garden design
  • Mapping of the environment
  • Interior exploring